Electric Fire

“The journey has brought us closer together, more like a family rather than friends. The journey has made us Electric Fire.”

Let’s Get Lost is the long-awaited debut album by Electric Fire. Pumped full of ‘Egg Funk’ their unique sound combines soft and bumpy R&B, singalong choruses and club bangers. Eight confident, ear worming tracks guaranteed to get you singing at the show and dancing all the way home!The first single out now is called Party FM, a tune all about the exhilarating feeling of being lost in the rhythm and up all night.

Let’s Get Lost is out on Friday 6 October via Loud & Proud Records.

More about Electric Fire
Electric Fire are Alicia (vocals), Ehima (drums, percussion and vocals), Sam (synths and vocals) and William (laptop, production and vocals). The band have evolved into an incredible live act, performing on stages from Hong Kong to Amsterdam, London to Paris. Instant classics and non-stop vibes, nothing can stop Electric Fire.

The band have previously released two EP’s, EFX and Buzzin’. Two records about the feeling of when everything is going your way, from having rice or sausage rolls for lunch to touring Hong Kong, this is a band who are all relentlessly positive.

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Electric Fire are funded by Youth Music and PRS Foundation and supported by Heart n Soul, a creative community and arts charity who believe in the power and talents of people with learning disabilities and autistic people

Find out more here  - www.heartnsoul.co.uk